⏰Friday of the Second Week of Advent (14 December 2018 – Memorial of St. John of the Cross)

📖Isa 48:17-19; Ps 1:1-2, 3, 4 and 6 (R. John 8:12); Matt 11:16-19

Coming into the presence of the Lord yields a much desired positive transformation. The prophet Isaiah informs us today that it would earn us peace, righteousness and every good thing, including having our names in his book of life (cf. Isa 48:17-19).

To be in the presence of the Lord is to be without sin. The prophet Isaiah had also noted that it was our sins that separated us from God (Isa 59:2). Jesus came and healed the wounds of that separation so that we can pass over from the darkness of sin and death to the brightness of eternal life (see John 17:3).

I want to have all those good things and remain in the presence of the Lord. I know that you too wish that you could have such. Why not! May it be so for us through Christ our Lord. Amen.

However, we must not emulate the ways of the hypocrites who are neither here nor there (see Matt 11:16-19). Do your best to follow God faithfully, and you will have the light of life (cf. John 8:12).,

In his work of reformation in league with St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross had to go through much trials even in the hands of ecclesial authorities, but his great faith sustained in him, the grace to continue. In him was found the synergy between wisdom and sanctity.

May the light and peace from God continue to dwell with us to lead us and keep us in his presence at all times. Amen.

Have a great day ahead. Peace be with you.

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