⏰Tuesday of the Fifteenth Week of Ordinary Time 1 (18 July 2017)

????Exod 2:1-15a; Ps 69:3, 14, 30-31, 33-34 (R.v.33); Matt 11:20-24

The story of the birth and early life of Moses in Exod 2:1-15 reveals the nature of our Mighty God whose plans cannot be foiled nor soiled. No matter how much human elements try, his plans shall come to pass in your life. Amen.

So, do not worry when life is throwing you up and down. Amidst the dangerous decree of Pharaoh concerning the Jews (cf. Exod 1:8ff), God still took Moses to the house of the king to be trained in the matters of leadership. Can you see how he made fool of the envious king? He shall also make foolery of those who rise against you.

His word said that he has prepared a banquet for us in the presence of our enemies (Ps 23:5). Such is the nature of our God; nature is at his service. And everything works unto good for those who believe and love God (cf. Rom 8:28).

Consider how much God has done for you. Do you trust and believe in him?

Obstinacy in disbelief angers God. We were not informed about the miracles Jesus worked in Chorazin and Bethsaida but we know they were like the theological schools of the Jews. And with Capernaum, they were privileged to belong to the cities of Galilee where Jesus lived and worked. Yet they failed to receive the Gospel.

The psalmist said that if you seek God, your heart will revive (Ps 69:33). Trust God then with all your hearts today and he will do even greater things for you.

May his love always be upon you as you place all your trust in him. Amen.

I wish you a miraculous and fulfilling day. Peace be with you.

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