⏰Thursday of the Sixteenth Week of Ordinary Time 2 (23 July 2020)

📖Jer 2:1-3, 7-8, 12-13; Ps 36:6-7ab, 8-9, 10-11 (R.v.10a); Matt 13:10-17


Have you ever been bothered to ask questions, as many people do, on the purpose of the Incarnation? All positive answers to this point to the fact that Jesus took the human nature in order to redeem it and take it back to God, that is, for salvation.

This has been a project that God took on since the fall of man. Through the prophets, he has always brought him down to man in a bid to save him. You notice this from the popular formula of prophecy in Israel where the prophet begins with “Thus says the Lord” and then continues in a personal pronoun as if the words are his.

Jeremiah used that same format to warn the people (cf. Jer 2:1-13) at the time they were headlong in sin. That was to show the seriousness of their waywardness and the desire of God to bring them back to himself.

That call is no less for us too. God is always with us ministering to us through the different events in our daily lives. It is hoped that we shall not be like the Jews who were right with the Immanuel but they closed their hearts from accepting his teachings (see Matt 13:10-17).

May the Spirit of God help us to discern his voice speaking to us in different events of our lives – through our family members and friends, and even our enemies. May we not harden our hearts from accepting him into our lives. Amen.

Have a pleasant day ahead. Peace be with you.

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