?Isa 26:1-6; Ps 118:1 and 8-9, 19-21, 25-27a, (R.v.26a); Matt 7:21, 24-27


Without prejudice to the context in which St James used the above quote, we shall apply it to our message of today. So instead of using work merely in the context of charity and generosity, we shall extend it here to also mean our active response to our faith in God.??

The prophet Isaiah reminds us that in God, our security is ensured. For them who trust in the Lord, the Lord God will be their everlasting rock (cf. Isa 26:1-6). The Gospel added that anyone who does the will of God is like one who builds his house on a solid rock (Matt 7:24).??

All those point to the fact that God is all we need. But is it not true that sometimes we profess our faith in God with our lips when in actual fact we have other things to call our gods??

Christmas is fast approaching. Many of us would soil our hands in this period in order to meet up. Many would be so engulfed in preparing for the celebration of Christmas without preparing for the Lord of Christmas. Yet, he is all we ever need and God keeps in peace, him whose mind is stayed on him (Isa 26:3).?

St. Francis Xavier was a man of noble descent, who was driven by ambition after everything worldly until he met St. Ignatius of Loyola. He became a changed person, who treasured God more than anything else. We too can do the same thing.??

May God grant you the grace to have an active and firm faith in him and keep you as a citizen of that strong city where salvation is set up as walls and bulwarks (Isa 26:1). Amen.??

Have you offered a prayer for Nigeria today? Don’t think you are not concerned. If the rain does not fall in your area, the flood might pass through your house. Close your eyes now and offer at least a minute of prayer for Nigeria in distress.??

Have an active and energized faith today and beyond. It is well with you.??

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