⏰04 January 2020

📖1 John 3:7-10; Ps 98:1, 7-9ab, 9cd (R.v.3cd); John 1:35-42


Yesterday, we were told of the importance of remaining pure before God in other to be saved. Considering how difficult it is to remain pure without failing, we concluded that Jesus is really our only hope of achieving that required purity.

The Gospel of St. John introduces an important christological title that shows the extent to which Jesus goes in leading us through that purity: “Behold the Lamb of God” (John 1:36).

Lamb was an animal which the Jews used for sacrifice. So, right from the beginning, John the Baptist pointed out Jesus as the one who shall be sacrificed for our salvation.

That was a good news and a message of hope to a people who have been looking forward to such liberation just as it is still for us today. This sacrifice takes away our sins, the source of our misfortunes and pains.

The disciples of John went to Jesus and confirmed that good news and remained with Jesus. Nobody can stay with Jesus and still remain in sin. Hence, the evangelist John tells those of us who are also introduced to this good news to remain sinless if we are to continue sharing in his salvific mission.

There is something more that you can do for Jesus today – Point him out to your family and friends. Be free to forward this reflection and any other to them. Remind them that Jesus is able to handle all hopeless cases. If we remain in him and he in us, he shall lead us to bear fruits in abundance.

May yours be that abundance today and beyond through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Have a grace-filled day. Peace be with you.

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