⏰Friday of the Thirty-First Week of Ordinary Time 2 (06 Nov. 2020)

📖Phil 3:17 – 4:1; Ps 122:1-2, 3-4ab, 4cd-5 (R.v.1); Luke 16:1-8


Have you ever paused to think about this: that many of us fear man more than God? Have you not noticed that many of us make more and quicker efforts to free ourselves from law enforcement agents than we make to come out of sin?

➖We prefer giving bribe so as to secure a contract or job than trusting God.

➖We would prefer having premarital sex with an insisting man/woman so that we would have him/her marry us than trusting in God who would not have us engage in fornication.

➖We prefer cheating our business partners in order to make profit than trusting in divine providence.

Let us be wise! Contract and job would pass away with this present world; so would husband/wife and wealth, and all other things we commit sin to get. But our homeland is in heaven (Phil 3:20). Would it not be better that we really put in effort in pursuing heaven than in pursuing material security?

Jesus encourages us to put in more effort in seeking heaven above than in seeking material security (cf. Luke 16:1-8).

We would be in a better standing if we can embrace a type of the faith of the three Jews in Dan 3:8ff, and say with them that our God would save us from our present difficulty, and even if he would not, we would not remain in sin in order to survive (cf. Dan 3:16-18).

As you place all your hope in God, may he not abandon you in time of need in this life and, especially when he shall call you to give account of your life. Amen.

Have a prosperous day accompanied with divine wisdom. Peace be with you.

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  1. John Obi says:

    thank a lot Father… very educative

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