⏰Wednesday of the Eleventh Week of Ordinary Time 2 (20 June 2018)

📖2 Kgs 2:1, 6-14; Ps 31:20, 21, 24 (R.v.25); Matt 6:1-6, 16-18

There is that popular saying credited to Thomas Jefferson that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Christians, as St Peter admonished in 1 Pet 5:8, must be eternally vigilant in order not to be outwitted by the devil and so miss out in the blessings of God.

Before Elijah was taken away from Elisha, he told Elisha to ask for any favour of him (see 2 Kgs 2:1-14). Credit must be given to Elisha for not asking for irrelevant and material benefits.

Having seen Elijah perform many wonders, many would expect him to ask to be made as powerful as Elijah but instead, he asked for a double portion of the spirit that guided Elijah (2 Kgs 2:9). That shows that he was vigilant to know what is relevant and what is not.

More importantly, the answer to his prayer is predicated upon vigilance. Elijah replied him, “…If you see me while I am being taken from you, then you shall have it; if not, you shall not have it” (2 Kgs 2:10).

My dear, in your Christian pilgrimage, you must shun all distractions as Elisha did in that passage and embrace vigilance. Jesus also gave the same order to his disciples and that was so that they might not fall into temptation (cf. Matt 26:41).

That eternal vigilance would help us, among other things, to stay away from living pharisaic lives that push us to showcase our righteousness before men for public admiration. Our lives must be lived for God, and God alone.

May our Lord be our strength so that when our will to remain focused and vigilant begins to fail us, we may behold his face and move on. Amen.

Have a beautiful day under the watchful and protective gaze of Jesus. Peace be with you!

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