⏰Tuesday of the Twenty-Second Week of Ordinary Time 1 (05 September 2017 – Memorial of St. Teresa of Calcutta)

????1 Thess 5:1-6, 9-11; Ps 27:1, 4, 13-14 (R.v.13); Luke 4:31-37

I welcome you in the name of Christ to this beautiful new day, the day of the Lord. And I pray that it may bring joy and peace to you and your family through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Talking about the Day of the Lord, with a modern and Christian eye, we can picture it as the Christmas day. With an eschatological eye, we can look towards the end of the year. These two periods – Christmas and end of the year – are already very close to us.

Note that for the Jews, the Day of the Lord is a day of liberation from their enemies and restoration of their peace and security. But it is also a day for the destruction of the wicked (cf. Isa 2:12; Amos 5:18-20; Joel 2:1-11, 32).

St. Paul encourages us today to be awake like the sons of light and of the day so that we would not be destroyed with the sons of darkness (cf. 1 Thess 5:1-11). We can see an evidence of that destruction in Luke 4:31-37, and where the presence of Jesus caused confusion and fear in the kingdom of darkness.

What are your plans in preparation for that day of the Lord? Are you going to get involved in all kinds of evil in order to make ends meet for the Christmas season? Do not forget that none of us is sure of being part of the Christmas or reaching the end of the year. But we are sure that we must die one day – a day we do not know. Are we preparing for it?

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta reminds us that, “At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.”

May God give us the grace to live uprightly at all times so that the Day of the Lord would be a day joy and peace for us through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

I wish you a blessed day ahead. Peace be with you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen and with your spirit Fr. Thanks for this message this morning, God bless and keep you in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And with your spirit

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