⏰21 December 2019

📖Song 2:8-14; Ps 33:2-3, 11-12, 20-21 (R.v.1a, 3a); Luke 1:39-45


My dear, give thanks at all times to God for always restoring our joy and laughter and giving us ceaseless opportunities to be happy. Indeed, no matter the hardship we encounter in life, we still have cause to celebrate. May his name be praised and glorified in us both and forever. Amen

The Book of the Song of Songs contains some poems that expresses a kind of love between the lover and the beloved. A theological interpretation of that sees God as the lover and we the beloved. In Song 2:8-14, the lover advances to meet the beloved and calls out to the beloved to come out and meet him in love on the way.❤

Symbolically, in this last days of Advent, the Lord is close by, and he is coming into our lives, and he wants us to come out of ourselves to meet him on the way with faith and love. One way of doing that is by wishing others well, sharing in their joys and consoling the sorrowful. Mary went to rejoice with Elizabeth and assist her; and Elizabeth, in turn, rejoiced with and honoured Mary as the future Mother of God (cf. Luke 1:39-45).

Notice also that as Elizabeth heard the voice of Mary, the child in her womb leapt for joy (cf. Luke 1:41). “Great things happen when God mixes with men” (see Mal 3:20). In Mary, God visited the household of Zechariah and brought them so much joy that even a child in the womb felt it.

May you experience divine visitation in every aspect of your life, and be with joy beyond all telling. May you also be an instrument of divine visitation to others and an agent of joy, love and peace to them. Amen.

Kindly join us in praying for the seminarians who would be ordained Deacons in the Catholic Diocese of Issele-Uku today, that they may be true witnesses to the Gospel they are being ordained to preach.

Have a lovely and joyful day ahead. Peace be with you.

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