⏰Saturday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time 1 (10 June 2017)

????Tob 12:1, 5-15, 20; Tob 13:1b and 2, 3-4a, 6efgh, 6ij, 8 (R.v.1b); Mark 12:38-44

There is this song that we used in our early days in the Minor Seminary:
You cannot hide it from God (4x)
You may cover your sins, nobody will know
But you cannot hide it from God.

In Mark 12:38-44, Jesus condemned the hypocritical attitude of trying to do good for public acclamation. Our good deeds must be borne out of pure love of God and absolute trust in divine Providence as the poor widow exhibited.

Again, the revelation of the angel Raphael in Tob 12:12-13 is another proof of that. The angel informed Tobit that all the prayers he and Sarah said and all his good deeds were being seen by God.

God is our creator and there is nothing that we do, whether good or bad that is hidden to him (cf. Tob 12:7-10). That is why we need to be doing good at all times.

Good deeds cannot be hidden even in the presence of men. In fact, Jesus told his disciples to let their light shine out before others so that they see it may glorify God (cf. Matt 5:16; see also Tob 12:6-10).

The point therefore is on the intention we have for our good deeds. If they are for personal glorification and gratification, we already have our rewards. But if they were to please God, God will always bless us because of them (cf. Matt 6:1-3).

May God grant us the grace of doing good at all times, and doing them with the right intentions, and so be able to reap the blessings that come such deeds. Amen.

I wish you a blessed and glorious weekend. Peace be with you.

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