⏰Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)

📕Isa 6:1-2a, 3-8; Psalm 138:1ac-2a, 2bc-3, 4-5, 7c-8 (R.v.1b); 1 Cor 11:1-15; Luke 5:1-11


Have you ever paused to consider the profile of the twelve apostles of Jesus or that of the prophets before him? Most of them are those whom the society today might consider as nonentities and unqualified. But God used them because the success of the mission does not depend on the called but on the caller.

All the characters in the three readings in our liturgy today found themselves unworthy of the call. In the First Reading, Isaiah had a vision where he beheld the holiness of God. In the Gospel, Peter noticed that Jesus is a practical and physical manifestation of that holiness, and in the Second Reading, Paul narrated how that holiness worked on him to transform him.

When the three characters encountered this divine holiness, they felt greatly unworthy to associate with it. But the divine holiness worked on them to transform them.

God is also calling us to that same mission not minding our unworthiness. In fact, he wants us to be holy as he is holy (cf. Matt 5:48). That is the mission he is inviting us to, and wants us to also invite others into.

In order to answer this call perfectly, we must let go of our OLD MASTERS, which include our evil past so that we can be available to be transformed by Jesus, our NEW MASTER into what he desires of us. The first four disciples had to leave everything to follow him (Luke 5:11); St. Paul abandoned his mission of persecuting Christians. All were available to be transformed.

Are you going to make yourself available to him now? He will not only transform your life, he would also make straight, the crooked lines of your life. Peter and his colleagues laboured all night on the crooked lines of the sea and made no catch. But the Master appeared in the morning and changed the story from ‘nothingness’ to ‘abundance’.

I pray that your story shall not be different. You shall experience a great catch that would transform your life. No longer shall you be in tears again because Jesus has come to give you rest. But this is only if you follow him. So are you not going to follow him as he calls you today?

Have a happy and transforming Sunday. Peace be with you.

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