Spirit of God the father Have mercy on us
Spirit of God the son. Have mercy on us
Trinity one God Have mercy on us

For giving us yourself  Thank you O Holy Spirit
For teaching us the mysteries
of love and true living ”
For filling us with all virtues
For enabling us to do the will
of God
For nourishing our souls and body
For occupying our minds and senses
For your bounteous gifts
For you constant inspiration
and direction
For your ever consoling presence
For burning off our sins
For healing our hearts and wound
For delivering us from the evil one
For lightening our burdens of life
For reconciling us with the Father
For reconciling us with one another
For reconciling Christian denominations
in your love
For destroying disunity and scandal
among Christians
For making us brothers and sisters
of one another
For making us servants and
witnesses of Christ
For leading us to eternal life
For renewing the faith and
commitment of your sacred ministers
For blessing Christian marriages
For destroying the spirit of secularism
and materialism among us
For restoring us to health of
mind and body
For anointing your priests
and religious

Spirit of faith and fear of God Abide with us
Spirit of love and hope
Spirit of wisdom and knowledge
Spirit of understanding and counsel
Spirit of prudence and discernment
Spirit of courage and strength
Spirit of prayer and service
Spirit of mission and witness
Spirit of justice and peace
Spirit of chastity and faithfulness
Spirit of obedience and docility
Spirit of gentleness and meekness
Spirit of patience and endurance
Spirit of penance and sacrifice
Spirit of repentance and reconciliation
Spirit of perseverance in prayer
and holy living
Spirit of tenderness and kindness
Spirit of community and friendship
Spirit of forgiveness and sensitivity
to the needs of others
Spirit of loving God and neighbour
Spirit of loving oneself
Spirit of forgiving oneself and others
Spirit of contemplation and meditation
Spirit of sharing and joyfulness
Spirit of openness and affirmation
Spirit of orderliness and truth
Spirit of accountability
Spirit of intercession and reparation
Spirit of purity of mind and body
Spirit of praise and thanksgiving
Spirit of longing for eternal life
Spirit of saving others

Holy Advocate and master of our souls Spare us O Divine Spirit
Holy Advocate and master of our souls Graciously hear us O Divine Spirit
Holy Advocate and master of our souls Have mercy on us O Divine Spirit
Spirit of the living God Fall afresh on us

Most Glorious and Holy Spirit, Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, we reverently surrender ourselves to you today. Compassionate Paraclete, we are grateful for you manifold blessings and healing. Graciously grant us the strength we need to appropriate all your virtues, which are most essential for our eternal communion with God and all the saints. In your loving mercy, burn off all our iniquities that we may attentively listen to you and participate fully in the work of salvation. We make this prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you and God the Father, world without end. Amen

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