Daily Archive: February 9, 2019



⏰Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) 📕Isa 6:1-2a, 3-8; Psalm 138:1ac-2a, 2bc-3, 4-5, 7c-8 (R.v.1b); 1 Cor 11:1-15; Luke 5:1-11 🎤A VOCATION TO HOLINESS Have you ever paused to consider the profile of the twelve apostles of Jesus or that of the prophets before him? Most of them are those whom the society today might consider as nonentities and unqualified. But God used them because the success of the mission does not depend on the called but on the caller. All the characters in the three readings in our liturgy today found themselves unworthy of the call. In the...