⏰Tuesday of the Thirty-Fourth Week of Ordinary Time 1 (28 Nov 2017)

????Dan 2:31-45; Dan 3:35, 37, 38, 39 (R.v.35b); Luke 21:5-11

The book of the prophet Daniel is one of the most often misinterpreted books of the Bible concerning the end time. In fact, there has been many interpretations that brings in the American government into the picture of Dan 2:31-45, all in the bid to explain the end time. Jesus warns us against listening to such end time false prophesies.

Nonetheless, one sure message there is that the end is imminent for all of us. For me, it might be today. Same for you. How ready are we?

Every now and then, we keep getting the message that things of this world shall pass away but the things of heaven remain to eternity. Jesus still reminded us of that today. Yet, instead of seeking things that are eternal, many of us keep chasing after shadows – fame, money, power, etc.

Dan 2:31-45 today reminds us that the worldly things and powers would give way to the superior powers of heaven. Reading further to verse 46, we see in Nebuchadnezzar’s worship of Daniel that they will also bow in worship to the superior things of heaven.

Why then shall we be choosing inferior things to superior ones that last forever?

May God give us the wisdom and courage to choose and stick to what will lead us into the kingdom of God, where Jesus is King. Amen.

Have a memorable day with the Lord. Peace be with you.

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