⏰Saturday of the Thirteenth Week of Ordinary Time 2 (07 July 2018)

đź“–Amos 9:11-15; Ps 85:9 and 10, 11-12, 13-14 (R.v.9); Matt 9:14-17

My dear, today is a very special day. It is the 7th day of the week as well as the 7th day in the 7th month of the year. According to Gen 2:2, “By the seventh day, the work God had done was completed, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work he had done.” I pray with you that today and always, the work of God may come to perfection in your life and that you may rest from all your worries through Christ our Lord. Amen.

In the writings of the prophets, the theme of the ‘remnant’ is often used to describe the few ones from whom the Lord rebuilds the nation and continues the course he has set out to achieve in them. Remnant theology among other things re-echoes the prophecy of Ezekiel that God does not want the death of the wicked but that he may repent and live (Ezek 33:11).

The remnant theology is a vindication of God who wants us to have life in abundance (John 10:10). That means that God’s punishment upon his children can only be seen from the angle of chastisement borne out of love and desire to give life.

Are you passing through trying moments presently? Do not be dampened in the spirit; never you think that God has abandoned you. Jesus already disposed our minds to embrace both the time of mourning and the time of rejoicing, but as long as he is in our lives, nothing can take our joys away from us (cf. Matt 9:14-17).

So, do not consider your current position as being stuck in a dark tunnel. Look ahead and see the light shining through towards you. God never abandons his people.

May God who restores the fortunes of his people through a remnant, grant you peace and prosperity, and in the end eternal life in his kingdom. May he also hear our prayers for our country, Nigeria and restore the peace which we all long and pray for. Amen.

Have a fortunate, prosperous and restful weekend. Peace be with you.

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